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    Masterfeeds Farm Choice 20% Poultry Starter/Grower (crumble) is a nutrient dense, carefully balanced diet for starting chicks, ducklings and goslings as well as growing turkey poults

    • Formulated using the latest technology to promote strong growth, development and gut health.
    • Wholesome grains and all-vegetable proteins are balanced with minerals and vitamins for a healthy and productive farm flock.
    • This feed contains Alltech technology to mitigate the risk of coccidiosis.


    Complete and balanced products.

    Formulated to meet the energy and protein requirements to encourage optimum growth and performance while minimizing the need for other supplements.

    Contains Allstat®.

    Allstat is combination of hydrolyzed yeast, natural flavours and organic minerals that work in synergy with one another to help strengthen the animals’ natural defenses. Allstat is incorporated into animal diets with a goal to support gut health.

    Contains Viligen™.

    Supports natural defenses, early growth and gut function.

    Optimal vitamin and mineral levels.

    Farm Choice rations provide farm flock poultry producers with similar fortification levels found in commercial poultry diets. Formulated to meet 100% of the birds’ requirements with organic trace minerals.

    Multi-purpose rations.

    20% Starter/Grower is formulated to meet the needs of starting pullets, broilers, ducks and geese, as well as growing turkeys.

    Rations contain enzymes.

    Which make phosphorus and other nutrients more digestible. Improved digestibility reduces the amount of phosphorus excreted into the environment.