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    Increasing the fat level with vegetable oil makes a readily available energy source

    Using highly digestible fibre sources aid in digestion and healthy hindgut activity

    Patriot 12% Surmount can be fed in growing, training, racing, eventing and showing. It offers flexibility and versatility to all horse disciplines

    Product Features

    • High level of fat and fibre

    • Elevated fat levels from addition of vegetable oil

    • Increased fibre level

    • Contains yeast culture (yea-sac 1026)

    • Flexibility/versatility

    • Higher level of vitamin E

    • Contains chelated trace minerals

    Product Benefits

    • Provides cool form of calories

    • Increases endurance energy for peak performance

    • Makes a safe feed that promotes good digestive health

    • Yeast culture works as a digestive aid and gut stabilizer reducing digestive upsets and maximizing digestion

    • One feed offers simple practices for many feeding challenges

    • A powerful antioxidant to enhance immune response and improve tissue regeneration after strenuous exercise

    • For increased bioavailability of those nutrients essential for immune response, hoof health, bone and cartilage development