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    The Rack Stacker Mineral Fountain is the only one of its kind that helps you hold those deer on the property that you currently hunt. This unique device has been proven to work right across the continent and is growing in popularity quickly.

    Simply install the Mineral Fountain on top of a cut tree, pour in the mineral that is provided and walk away for up to a year. The Fountain is perfect for those tough to access hunting locations.

    The sweet smell that we add to Blaze Mineral will bring them in from a long way away as the wind blows by its location.

    The ideal time to be putting out the Mineral Fountain is the spring of the year. As deer move from their wintering grounds to settle in for the summer. This is the time to keep them on the property. In Southern Ontario, we like to do this as soon as the snow is melting. March through April is a perfect time to get it out after that long drawn out winter.