Our Brands

MB Fertilizer & Grass Seed Mixes


Quality Canadian grass seeds & fertilizers at affordable prices.

Made in Canada

Our grass seed mixes are produced in Harriston, Ont &
our fertilizers are made in Cambridge, On! 

Quality You Can Trust

Guaranteed germination and results you can see and feel!


Bird Seed Mixes & Straight Grains 

Attract all the birds to your yard with our special blends of bird seed! We have 5 varieties to choose from, along with straight grains like peanuts, Black Oil sunflowers, Safflower and more!



Made In Canada

Produced in Hagersville, Ontario!

5 Blends to choose from

 Something For Every Birdie: Milo, black oil seed, millets, striped sunflowers, safflowers, canary seed peanut pick outs and mineral oil. Attracts cardinals, blue jays, juncos, nuthatches and finches.

Songbird's Favourite:  black oil seed, striped sunflower, peanut pick outs, millets, mineral oil, and sunflower. Attracts woodpeckers, juncos, cardinals, blue jays, chickadees and nuthatches.

Birdie's Delight:  Milo, millets, cut & hard wheat, black oil seed and peanut halves. Attracts nuthatches chickadees, titmice, grosbeaks and finches.

Basics:  Cut corn, soft wheat, white millet, black oil seed and milo. Attracts sparrows, blue jays and mourning doves.

Best of the Basics: Cut corn, black oil seed, millets, striped sunflower and mineral oil. Attracts blue jays, cardinals, mourning doves, juncos and sparrows.



You can't get fresher feed!

Here's where we produce the majority of the MB Animal Health & nutrition feeds- on our Dunnville property which contains one of our stores, and our head office! The same property we've had for over 65 years! A few of our feeds are produced with other local manufactures in Ontario!


Made In Ontario!

 We produce a variety of farm feeds on-site at our original Mill property in Dunnville, On! (See our About Us page!) Some feed we have produced off-site at our partners' facilities throughout Ontario.

Developed by Animal Nutritionists

Our formulas are crafted with the same level of care you'd give your own animals. Our nutritionists work to ensure that your animal will thrive on any MB Animal Health feed.

Healthy Basics

Dog & Cat Dry foods

Healthy food that's not so basic!


Made In Canada

Produced in Moorefield, On! 99% of ingredients produced come from within 100 km of Moorefield!

Great quality, at a great value.

At just $1.27/ KG, you can't get more economically friendly than that!